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FAQs & Useful Info. For Foreign Students’ reference

Poster:Ho Meng ChiaPost date:2020-08-12

FAQs  For Foreign Students’ reference


Thank you for your interest in studying in TKU. Below are the FAQs (frequently asked questions) of studying in Tamkang University, the Bachelor’s Program in Global Financial Management (English-Taught Program) (also known as GFM program). After reviewing these FAQS, if you have further questions:

1. About Admission, please contact: Admissions Section /

TEL: 886-2-26215656 ext.2015 
or visit http://english.tku.edu.tw/Admissions.asp

2. About Registration, please contact: Registration Section /
Ms. Chang, Hsih Ho
TEL: 886-2-26215656 ext.2366
or visit http://english.acad.tku.edu.tw/


3.About VISA, scholarship and others, please contact:
Office of International & Cross-Strait Affairs/
Mr. Gary Liu
TEL: 886-2-26215656 ext.2818 / E-Mail: auox@oa.tku.edu.tw

or visit http://www.oieie.tku.edu.tw/main.php

4. All curriculum-related inquiries of the Bachelor’s Program in Global Financial Management (English-Taught Program) (also known as GFM program), please feel free to e-mail us through tlwx@oa.tku.edu.tw


Q1. How do I know what courses do I need to take each semester?

A: To view Tamkang University Course Catalogs


Q2. Am I required to take Chinese taught courses?

A: With no exception, all courses from The Bachelor’s Program in Global Financial Management (English-Taught Program) (also known as GFM program) are lectured Totally in English to be eligible for the purpose of completing the study for a diploma. 


Q3. Where can I enroll my courses?

A: You can enroll your courses online. (http://www.ais.tku.edu.tw/EleCos_English/loginE.aspx) To do this, you have to follow the steps in the following link: http://esquery.tku.edu.tw/acad/default.asp?func=eng


Q4. When is the appropriate time to enroll my courses?

A: There are two established dates to add and drop courses. The first one is before the semester begins, and this is when all students should enroll their courses as the positions in the classes are limited and you might be left out if a class you want to select is already full by the time you add it. The second time is when the semester has already begun and its purpose is for students to add and drop courses in case they have changed their mind once they have attended their classes. It is advisable that you add and drop your subjects on the first assigned date. The dates and times for adding and dropping courses vary each semester. To know the dates and times for this semester please check the Academic Calendar. Remember to add you courses as soon as the appropriate time arrives, otherwise you run the risk of being left out.


Q5. Some of my chosen classes are already full, is there anything I can do to attend these classes?

A: Yes, but you always need the university’s approval. Sometimes the teacher’s approval is good enough for you to be allowed in a class. Nevertheless, there are times when the Chair of dept. or the Academic Affairs Department won’t allow more students into a specific class. This is why it is important to enroll our courses on time.


Q6. If I have any questions regarding to the university’s website, such as problems with my password or changes of my personal information, who should I contact?

A: If you are new to this University and have not been provided with your password yet, the GFM Program advisor (located at B917) or your Taiwanese classmates might be able to help you. If you still have further problems, please contact the Office of Information Services located at T109.



Q7. I missed classes due to sickness or other reasons. What is the process to get a leave of absence?

A: You need to follow these steps:

   i. Log in https://portal.tku.edu.tw/NEAI/login2.jsp?ln=en_US&myurl=http://portal.tku.edu.tw/assae/auth/security/system
see guidelines of Leave of Absence 

   ii. Fill the form that will appear on the next page, stating the reason of your absence (sickness, maternity, death of a relative, etc.) and write the details in the box at the bottom.

   iii. Print the form that will appear next.

   iv. Take the form to the B402, Guidance Section, located on the fourth floor of the Business Building and get it signed and stamped.

   v. Give the form to your teacher.

 You must note that in case of sickness you can only do this process within the first three days after your absence. Otherwise the website won’t allow you to fill in the form.

 You must also know that this information is only available in Chinese language, and therefore it is advisable that you ask one of your Taiwanese classmates to help you to get familiar with the website. For further questions, please go to B402, Guidance Section.  


Q8. Can foreign students go abroad or being exchange student during the junior year?

A: Yes, foreign students can go abroad on their junior year. If you need the information of exchange program, please visit this website http://www.oieie.tku.edu.tw/main.php or contact Eva Lee in the Office of International & Cross-Strait Affairs.  


Q9. I am studying in Taiwan on a scholarship; can I still go abroad on my junior year?

A: All students are allowed to apply for exchange study on their junior year. To know how this will affect your scholarship, we advise you to contact the Office of International & Cross-Strait Affairs. You can contact: au@oa.tku.edu.tw / auix@oa.tku.edu.tw, or (02) 2629-6579.


Q10. Do foreign students get credits for taking classes in other departments?

A: Foreign students can get credits for taking classes of any department as long as these classes are taught in English. If you take any class from another department that is not taught in English, such as a third language classes, the credits you get from these classes will not be counted as part of the 128 credits that you need to graduate from the Bachelor’s Program in Global Financial Management (English-Taught Program).


Q11. Can I get credits for attending the Chinese Learning Program at Tamkang University?

A: At the Bachelor’s Program in Global Financial Management (English-Taught Program) you cannot get credits for the Chinese Language Program.  Nevertheless, we encourage you to attend these classes to improve your Chinese level.



Q 12. About the minor
A: 1. Students should apply for their minor study in the second semester.
2. The fee of minor study would be different according to each departmental rules.
For example, many TKU students would apply for "English" as their minor, however, the capacity of the small class is always full, so the Department of English would open another class for minor students only, and this course would be charged. This situation usually happens in small class, such as English composition. For big class as English literature, it would be free.


Q13. If I have any additional questions or comments, who should I contact?

A: You can contact the advisor Lori, who will be happy to assist you. The Bachelor’s Program in Global Financial Management (English-Taught Program) Office locates at B917. You can e-mail Lori at tlwx@oa.tku.edu.tw.


Q14. Do foreign students need to take the National Defense Military Training and Nursing Courses?

A: No, but you need to apply to Office of Military Education and Training on B415. To make an application for Exemption of National Defense Military Training and Nursing Courses, you need to hand in one photocopy of your passport and take your passport to the office. To know the application dates for this semester please check the Academic Calendar.

Emergency Services

When in a new country, it’s important to have a list of emergency contact numbers on hand just in case. You should copy these numbers down and keep them with you at all times.


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