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The Bachelor of Global Financial Management (English Program)    


About GFM program

GFM program is lectured all in English, our objective is to bring up local and international students’ global financial management field of vision by providing financial management course that matches with the trend now days and practical practices, and also collocate with versatile general core courses.

Our program are a whole new dynamic of the family, no matter where you come, different cultural backgrounds, and different expertise. Our program is a multi-cultural learning environment for every student to seek everyone's future. We provide an all-English learning environment to achieve Globalization, Information-oriented, and Future-oriented of school education goals. We encourage the students to imply English as a communication tool to broaden the students a global perspective, to develop the basic quality of human society and nature science, to capture the future global financial fluctuation. Our goal is to cultivate the student to be a global financial professionals.

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