Course Description


Course Description


Educational Objectives of GFM program

According to the school, the university education aims to response to the evolution of domestic and international financial situation, cultivation of international financial management in taking into account both theory and practice in other to prepare international financial management professionals. 

Core Competencies

A. To have a basic knowledge of international financial management theory and practice.

B. To have a good grounding of relevant financial laws.

C. To understand the basic moral principles within the international financial industry.

D. To have a global perspective of the subject and a basic command of foreign language abilities.

E. To obtain international professional qualification that will aid their future career.

F. To obtain a basic ability to examine domestic and global financial situations

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor’s Program of Global Financial Management (English Taught Program) offers Bachelor of Business Administration degree: Completion of 128 credits of courses, including 89 required credits courses and 39 selective credits of business and international finance courses. 

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