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Heads-up for course add & drop fall term, 2023

Poster:Ho Meng ChiaPost date:2023-07-04

Please note that starting from the 112 academic year, the Academic Affairs Office will no longer enroll general education courses on behalf of students. GFM Students in Year1-3 must enroll general education courses (taught in English) by themselves; students must complete 4 semesters of physical education courses before graduation. In addition to the physical education in the Fall Term of freshman year, which is still enrolled by the Academic Affairs Office, students must enroll Four in total physical education courses( taught in English) by themselves before graduation.



Fall term,2023 starts on September 11, and the add and drop website (for students who need to enroll or drop courses) will be activated on September 18th.
Students could check course list from 5th July,
Check here: http://sinfo.ais.tku.edu.tw/emisE/

Please be advised that every students need to add the General core courses by yourselves ( effective from fall term,2323 dept. office would long longer arrange or add General core courses for you), Please check here: https://www.ais.tku.edu.tw/COS_LOT/Home/IndexE

About the general core course regulations, you can check your handbook and take the course filed by regulations.

 1st round add and drop begin from August 1st(11:30AM) to August 7th (11:30AM)
check here: https://www.ais.tku.edu.tw/elecos/

For English-taught program, Academic Affairs Office has already add GFM courses for you(including required and selective courses).
Do not drop the courses, you may not add it back again(especially general core courses) and only English-taught course credits can be count in your graduate credits, Chinese-taught courses and the bilingual courses can't be counted into 128 credits .
It is normal that you CANNOT add some courses at the 1st round because some courses won't provide extra enrollment space for others. You may try it after 2nd semester begin.

Year one and Year two students please be advised that you need to enroll PE courses. And you need FOUR terms of PE courses before you graduate.

And A building will not add the PE course for English-taught students, please add it by yourself.
Community service course need to be completed twice before you graduate, if you need to add the course, please reach out to the conductor office at B building 4F.

For checking your Club credit(K group: ABC parts):

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