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Graduate Diploma pick up procedure

Poster:Ho Meng ChiaPost date:2023-05-11
  A.     Year Four class:You will be able to collect your diploma from 12th June, 2023, 8:30AM~12:00PM, 1:30PM~4:30PM at A building- A212 counter. If you are currently taking any year three, two or one classes, you will be able to collect your diploma from 18th July, 8:30AM~11:30AM、1:00PM~3:30PM at the Student Activity Center. Please join the pick-up line #3 for GFM graduates.

B. The school will be closed for summer break from: 7th July to 16th July.

C. During summer, the office working hours are as follows: Monday to Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. in July & August

D. Make sure you check your leaving status at http://sinfo.ais.tku.edu.tw/tkuGrd, if the status shows "not complete", you need to print out the list and go to each office and complete the procedures before you pick up your diploma.

E. Bring your student card and stamp(seal) at A building in order to get your diploma.

F. In order to collect the diploma for someone else: Please bring your ID, passport or driver's license (any form of official identification), the student ID card of the student you're collecting the certificate on behalf of and a signed authorization letter to A building. You will need to sign before you are handed the diploma.

G. TKU will email you an electronic certificate file within 10 days (to your student email inbox) after you collect your diploma.

H. Students can upload their electronic certificate to the MOE website in order to verify their diploma.
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