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Substitutional teaching Methods and Change of course enrollment For Fall Term, 2021

Poster:Ho Meng ChiaPost date:2021-09-15

.Keep social distance, fixed seats and fixed members, implement the Real-name Register.

.Wear mask and No food , No drink in classroom, Do not chat to each other for safety’s sake.

First week: Sep.22 to Sep.28

1、All TKU Ms. Teams online courses.

2、To avoid large-scale cross-regional movement , all teachers and students are not allow to enter campus.

3、if students need to go to school for some certain reasons, please contact your Department to activate your access to Business building entrance.

、If you want to audit(sit in) a course(class) for FIRST week, please Email or Teams the class teachers to add you in the course group.

Second week: effective from Sep.29 : Mainly entity classes & supplemented by online Teams teaching

1、Substitutional teaching Methods are adjustable in accordance with the protocal of MOE and New Taipei City.

2、entity courses Diversion instruction:

Diversion Base on your students id (see your last 2 digits)

3 groups:

1. 00-332nd week9/29-10/5)、5th8th11th14th17th week,entity in the class room

2. 34-663rd week10/6-10/12)、6th9th12th15th18th week,entity in the class room

3. 67-994th week 10/13-10/19)、7th10th13th16th week,entity in the class room

2、Students can use i-Class to check your diversion status.(TKU academic system or TKU I live system, as well)

3、ADD and Drop enrollment adjustment

(A) system accessible from Sep.28 to Oct.04

(B)No more paperwork , please follow your courses’ add and drop timetable, and apply via system.( Would keep students posted.)

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