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Registration info. Notice for International Students, Fall Term, 2020

Poster:Ho Meng ChiaPost date:2020-08-20
              1.   Orientation: You must attend the orientation. For more information, please visit our TKU website ðLanguageðCalendar


2.   Tuition: When you register, you must obtain the registration form. If the payment was made with using ATM, Credit Cards, at        bank counters of Post Office or bank counters of China Trust, you should be able to get a print-out online by getting on TKU’s website and choosing the link at: https://school.yuantabank.com.tw/school/tx/foreignplatform?method=receiptonline_result&sch=TKU&langPara=CYou must pay the tuition by September 11 .


3. Curriculum Selection: Except for the undergraduate freshmen, all graduate students must complete the selection of courses at the department office. The registration is not completed until the tuition is paid and courses are selected.


4. Special Notice: International students and Mainland Chinese Students must go to Ching-sheng Memorial Hall 10F (Room T1001) for registration. Foreign students please bring your passport, residence permit, health insurance card and two photos. Those who receive scholarships from Taiwan must bring certified documents.


5. Temporary Student ID Card: You must bring your tuition paid receipt and registration completed form to obtain it from the Office of Academic Affairs.


            6. Register your registration: Login on to  
               & fill out your profile and English name preferably by September 30.
            For more useful msg, please click
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