To all GFM overseas students, please kindly be advised to download and use the English version of the National Police Agency emergency notification mobile phone app.)

Poster:Ho Meng ChiaPost date:2021-04-28

1. In order to strengthen campus security, on November 12, 2020 the Office of Student Affairs sent information related to four Chinese versions of the “Personal Security Guard APP” via OA letter.

2.The National Police Agency is now providing two English-language emergency notification mobile apps for overseas students. Instructions for use have been posted on the Office of Student Affairs Facebook fan page and Twitter account, as follows:

(1) FB page https://www.facebook.com/105906284597743/posts/282242173630819/

(2) Twitter: https://twitter.com/tkuoosa/status/1386886418824269824

3. For any inquiries, please contact Yi-tian Lee of the Office of Student Affairs, ext. 2399.


Shih-Jung Wu, Dean of the Office of Student Affairs   
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